About Us

Have you ever wondered about or wanted to involve your kid in a sport that not only provides thrills but an education like no other? Well than the world of kart racing is more than likely the option of choice, we here at the KID KART UNIVERSITY not only allow you as a parent to be involved in the education process, but we thoroughly educate you and your child both in what it takes to be successful in the sport. We offer on track experience with off track class time to teach both ends of the spectrum.

We are here to bring the thrill of racing to young ambitious drivers. The small but determined class we as an industry have deemed a demo class will not be the same. We are determined to bring more attention and train these youth drivers to become the strong skilled drivers we all know they can be within the KID KART class. We feel as though focusing on the safety and basics will shape the young drivers. Once we have accomplished success within that we then turn our focus onto the competitive training all between the ages of 4-7. By doing this we hope to provide the cadet class with more competitive drivers along with physically more drivers. We will also offer same amount of education for all age groups, and any driver who may be interested in kart racing.

We know we are not the first or only driving school that has come about or currently exists. But what we do offer is an intense curriculum focused on the drivers themselves and the techniques needed to be competitive at such a fair rate that any common family can attend. You no longer need to be a privileged racer and or buy into the tent support network. Our classes offer a once or multiple time attendance type program, the use of our equipment, the access to our support team, and the constant education on and off the track all for an affordable rate yes it would be extremely beneficial to attend all classes as they are structured to progress over the entire season but as new drivers arrive we do help get them up to speed.  So please feel free to reach out, browse our site some more, and or come out to one of our open house events. We are always here to help and support the sport of kart racing no question or concern will be over looked.